IEA Project

The idea of the IEA can be traced back to the 2013 work when our team tried to help one of our collaborators to resolve a production yield issue. The work was published in ITC 2014 and won the Best Paper award. Since then, we had been trying to automate the analytic process for production yield optimization. The IEA project is a result from our research in the past 5 years toward that direction.

IEA Overview Paper

ITC 2018, Title: An Autonomous System View To Apply Machine Learning     Paper PDF     Presentation PDF     Presentation Slideshow

IEA Demo

The IEA demo below is an excerpt of the course video from the Lecture 01 “IEA Introduction” given by Dr. Wang in the new course “Machine Learning in Design and Test Automation I” in Fall 2018 at UCSB. An extended demo was later presented on October 31 at ITC 2018 during his AI 4.1 presentation.

The IEA demo below is exactly the same as the demo above, except it has an additional 4:40 introduction before the demo.

IEA Tutorial

For more information regarding the vision and history of IEA, please refer to the tutorial presented at International Test Conference (ITC) on October 28, 2018, titled “A Journey to AI”:     Tutorial Handout PDF